These organisations provide recycling for items that are not easily disposed of and are commonly seen in hard rubbish or offered on give-away groups. Many of them are social enterprises – teaching skills, and providing employment for people experiencing barriers to employment. Some organisations charge a small fee for removal of items.

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Kids off the kerb

White Goods Refurbishment and Recycling Program

The White Goods Refurbishment and Recycling Program is a social enterprise focussed on the refurbishment and recycling of white goods, especially fridges, washing machines and dryers.

Kids Off The Kerb collects the items from households and businesses and processes them at their Thomastown factory. The young people involved in the program are provided with the opportunity to be trained in the various aspects of the program while developing a greater understanding of sustainability and community. Through the program the young people improve their skills and create education and employment pathways.

Kids Off The Kerb is a not-for-profit organisation that has been established to assist disadvantaged and at-risk young people reach their potential.

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Soft Landing

Mattress recycling

Soft Landing creates stable and meaningful jobs for people experiencing barriers to employment.

They keep end-of-life mattresses and ensemble bases out of landfill and recover components to recycle.

They are a not-for-profit, with revenue going entirely to delivering their work.

They are a social enterprise, certified by Social Traders.

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White goods recyclers

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Whitegoods contain metals that can easily be recycled and other components that may be of value. What is more important is making sure fridges and freezers are disposed of correctly and degassed, this is important because the refrigerant is a very harmful greenhouse gas when released into the atmosphere.

Some companies operate take-back schemes for their products with the costs built into the purchase price. Service personnel may also remove appliances such as air conditioners as part of new installations.

Additionally there are organisations and second-hand dealers that will accept whitegoods for refurbishing and/or resale.

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