Upcycled products available from local makers

See more of these local makers' upcycled products and purchase from them via the links provided. These hand-crafted items are often one-of-a-kind so the exact items shown here may no longer be available. The makers will have many similar, and more up-to-date, items on their own pages.

If you give preloved items a new life, we'd love to hear from you and maybe feature your work. Send us an email

Wood in Melbourne

Wood In Melbourne is a small business that hand makes bespoke furniture, artwork and toys. With a focus on how we can reuse and upcycle what people consider 'waste' into something of beauty.


All REMAKI pieces are made using reclaimed, repurposed or recycled materials. I love to make unique tops made from fabric samples, earrings from leather scraps, bags from outdoor advertising banners, planters from jeans; in fact, anything the 'rubbish' inspires!

Daniel's Little Workshop

Specialising in high-quality wooden products, I offer a wide range of pieces, from chess boards to chopping boards, from side tables to dining tables, from home decor to jewelery and more!

I work in a small, one-car carport on the weekends as a way to express my creative side and a large part of my process is driven by the materials. I actively look out for sustainably sourced materials, including reclaimed wood and old furniture. There is so much life left in the timber I find. All that is needed is some TLC. I hope you enjoy my work and I look forward to working with you to create pieces.


My name is Kate Symons, I live in West Preston. I make upcycled leather purses and handbags from old leather jackets. I also make jumpers from old jumpers as well as cotton/linen tops from old table cloths and worn out clothing/fabric.

Lil – less in landfill

Album cover frames made from timbers rescued from hard rubbish. Origami gift boxes made from out-of-date wallpaper sample books. Gift tags made from preloved greeting cards.

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Mosaic pots

New life for broken crockery

Saving broken crockery from landfill – one of our members creates beautiful mosaic plant pots.

A great way to give new life to something old and no longer usable in its intended form. A great way to memorialise precious, but broken, family favourites perhaps?

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